Summer 2017

Fun Things to Do in the University Area

Some of Charlotte’s hottest events take place in the coolest spaces in University City. Concerts at PNC Pavilion, NASCAR races at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the International Festival at UNC Charlotte, and the unique University City Duathlon in University Research Park are just the start. With annual events like the University City Wine Fest and the Healthy UCity Race Series, there is always something fun to do!

Major college sports and much more
Living in University City provides easy access to our region’s No. 1 public university, UNC Charlotte. If you like college athletics, you’ll love cheering the 49ers men’s and women’s NCAA teams. Several are nationally ranked. Visit Charlotte 49ers.

Music, dance and theater performances by students, faculty and visiting artists are great entertainment at very affordable prices – sometimes even free! The university’s main venue, Belk Theater in Robinson Hall, provides impressive acoustics and excellent seating close to the performers. Explore upcoming performances and exhibitions. Click to view the Events & Exhibitions Schedule.

If you take in just one major campus event, make it the annual International Festival. Each October, more than 20,000 people celebrate the global diversity of UNC Charlotte’s student and faculty – now representing more than 50 nations!

Attention University Townes Owners On The Garage Side

Please take note that we will begin the Crepe Myrtle tree removal next week. Depending on weather, it may take as long as 2‐3 weeks. They will be installing shrubbery in its place as soon as all of the trees are removed.

Again, the primary purpose for the removal of the tree is because Portrait planted them so close to the unit that they are damaging the roofs, siding, water lines, sewer lines, foundations and sidewalks.

We understand the beauty of the trees, but the damage that they are causing cannot be overlooked. We appreciate your understanding.

New Edition Of University Townes Handbook

Dear University Townes Owners,

We are posting to the website the newest edition of the University Townes Handbook ( [download id=”74″] ).  We will be sending hard copies to all owners within the next week.

There have been a few changes, and as all owners are required to follow the rules, we thought we would make it easier by putting the changes in italics.

Please make sure that you and all residents of the home (including tenants), are thoroughly familiar with the changes.  We are giving all owners a 30 day grace period (until July 31, 2013) to ensure that their unit is completely in compliance with existing and new rules before sending out violation hang tags.

If after review, you have any questions, please feel free to email us –


Your Board of Directors

Please download the newest copy here:  [download id=”74″]

Memo: Pool Card Deactivation

AMG is instructed to deactivate any pool cards with owners who have a balance. If you have a balance on your Heights account ($266 per year) or if your Townes account ($161 per month) is more than 30 days past due, your card will not work at the gate.

AMG only checks owner balances once a week, each Friday morning, to reactivate anyone who has paid since the prior Friday. All owners who have paid their balances in the prior week will have their card reactivated on Friday at noon.

If you pay your balance (either online or in the office) after end of business Thursday, your card will not be activated until the following Friday.  If you wish to avoid having to wait until the following Friday to have your card activated, please ensure your Heights fee is paid in full and your monthly Townes payment is received no later than the 30th of each month.

Please also keep in mind, your Townes payment and your Heights payment must be paid with two separate checks to ensure they are credited to the correct account. If you have paid both on one check in the past, your card might be deactivated. Please check your records and email Dacy with AMG to be sure.