Trash Cans in the Community

In early February, we sent a notification to all owners and renters reminding them that the trash cans must be stored either behind the units or in the garage (if applicable).

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who listened and moved their trash cans. All other owners who did not move their trash can had a hang tag put on their door and the can number was noted. Future violations could result in the trash can being removed and/or fines incurred.

The Board would like to thank you in advance for doing your part to keep our Association fees down!

Parking and Towing

The Board has approved marking one designated parking space in front of the Unit for the owners who live in the townhomes without garages. This is in direct response to the survey sent in the Fall of 2006 and the Annual Meeting whereby the owners without garages would like to have at least one space in front of their units designated for them. AMG will notify the owners as to the date in which the spaces will be marked.

The Board and AMG continue to receive calls regarding the towing of vehicles. Please remember that if your vehicle is not parked in a designated parking space and/or does not have a current inspection sticker or registration sticker DISPLAYED on the vehicle, it will be towed with no notice. This not only pertains to the owners, but renters and guests as well. Please let anyone visiting University Townes know the Rules and Regulations regarding towing. The Board will not refund the cost of towing. If your vehicle is towed, call Charlotte Auto Recovery at 704-532-3839.

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